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A 2013 Tribute to Italian Mainstream Cinema


For a country whose cinema has been the most written about in this site, it’s odd that there’s never been a tribute, and so I’ve finally managed to post one for Italian mainstream cinema.
The streaming version:

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Monica Bellucci in Gaspar Noé’s “Irréversible” [2002 France]

Sometimes I feel watching Gaspar Noé films is akin to paying someone to get yourself slapped. That is certainly the case with the shocking drama “Irréversible” [Eng. Title: Irreversible]. To describe the film as provocative would indeed be an … Continue reading

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Laura Chiatti & Monica Bellucci in “Manuale d’Amore 3” [2011 Italy]

Giovanni Veronesi’s third offering of his successful “Manuale d’Amore” series of films, (also called “Manuale d’Am3re”) [Eng. Title: Manual of Love 3] follows the tried and tested formula used in the previous 2 editions – three light and loosely … Continue reading

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Monica Bellucci in “Combien tu m’aimes?” [2005 France, Italy]

Bertrand Blier is one of those directors you’d either love or simply hate. He is an often misunderstood satirist who let’s a theme run its course, often to the most brutally honest conclusion, in the process throwing sentiment and … Continue reading

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Monica Bellucci in “Le Pacte des Loups” BR720 [2001 France]

The 2001 drama fantasy by Christophe Gans, “Le Pacte des Loups” [Eng. Title: Brotherhood of the Wolf] is partly based on French folklore, but it is light entertainment from start to finish, and would probably appeal to teenagers where … Continue reading

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