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A film review: “Egon Schiele: Tod und Mädchen” [2016 Austria, Luxembourg]

Dieter Berner’s biopic of one of Austria’s most famous expressionists, “Egon Schiele: Tod und Mädchen” [Eng. Title: Egon Schiele: Death and the Maiden] gives a different take on the great artist’s relationship with his sister Gertrude (Gerti), long-term lover … Continue reading

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Boredom and infatuation: “Keller – Teenage Wasteland” [2005 Austria]

Writer-director Eva Urthaler makes an assured début with her erotic sociological thriller “Keller – Teenage Wasteland” [Eng. Title: Out of Hand]. Surprisingly, this is her only film to date, and unless it is due to a change in her … Continue reading

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Conspiracies, whispers, and romance – “Das Flüstern des Mondes” [2006 Austria]

Austrian director Michael Satzinger has attempted a genre-bending gay-themed mystery-romance with his “Das Flüstern des Mondes” [Eng. Title: Whispering Moon]. And he pretty much pulls it off!
The complex storyline involves a heady romance between two young men – Jannis … Continue reading

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Exploiting the exploiter, and the viewer, in “Paradies: Liebe” [2012 Austria]

There’s something about Austrian directors and their fetishistic delight in dissecting human nature – to tear open layers of our civilised behaviour and scoop out the primeval muck. I’m clearly referring to Ulrich Seidl and his more celebrated compatriot … Continue reading

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Magdalena Kronschläger & Anna Rot in “Tag und Nacht” [2010 Austria]

Whether it is about students funding their education or young women consciously making a lifestyle choice, storylines dealing with prostitution never seem to go out of fashion – au contraire, they’re only becoming more popular. Perhaps they should now … Continue reading

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