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The wonder years – “Anni felici” [2013 Italy, France]

Directors like Daniele Luchetti thrive in delving into nostalgia, and his semi-autobiographical “Anni felici” [Eng. Title Those Happy Years] looks back at his family while growing up amidst the crazy 70’s art scene.
Guido (Kim Rossi Stuart) is a restless sculptor and … Continue reading

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A brief look at “Das Leben ist eine Baustelle.” [1997 Germany]

Having enjoyed watching Good Bye Lenin, I was looking forward to Wolfgang Becker’s earlier romantic drama “Das Leben ist eine Baustelle.” [Eng. Title: Life is All You Get.] – it was after all well received at festivals, and also starred … Continue reading

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Martina Gedeck & Gabi Fleming in “Das Leben der Anderen” [2006 Germany]

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s debut feature is what one would call an ‘unqualified success’. “Das Leben der Anderen” [Eng. Title the Lives of Others] bagged a bucket-load of awards the following year including a BAFTA and an Oscar for … Continue reading

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Martina Gedeck, Nina Hoss in “Elementarteilchen” BR720 [2006 Germany]

Oskar Roehler’s 2006 black comedy, “Elementarteilchen” [Eng. Title: The Elementary Particles] is a study of two half-brothers, each with a completely different character and outlook. Michael, the younger one is a successful scientist-chemist, while the elder Bruno, played by … Continue reading

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Der Baader Meinhof Komplex [Germany, France 2008] BR720p

I found Uli Edel’s 2008 gripping political drama, “Der Baader Meinhof Komplex” [Eng. Title: The Baader Meinhof Complex] quite informative actually – until this film, I only vaguely remember the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion, or Red Army Faction], an … Continue reading

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