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Jodorowsky’s self-therapy: “La danza de la realidad” [2013 Chile, France]

After nearly a quarter of a century, Alejandro Jodorowsky, the Swiss Army Knife among provocative artists, conjures up a deeply personal film by adapting portions from his recently published autobiography. “La danza de la Realidad” [Eng. Title: The Dance … Continue reading

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“Mujeres infieles” [2004 Chile]: “Orgasm is a fundamental human right!”

So declares psychologist Eva Soler (María Izquierdo) during a TV talk show in Rodrigo Ortuzar Lynch’s début feature “Mujeres infieles” [Eng. Title: Unfaithful Women]. Her statement is aimed at furthering the film’s intentions, which is to open up a … Continue reading

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For people in denial: “199 recetas para ser feliz” [2008 Chile, Spain]

After a commendable début (Los debutantes), writer-director Andrés Waissbluth has surprisingly made only one other feature at the time of posting – an offbeat threesome romance among Chilean immigrants in Barcelona. It’s a shame he hasn’t made more, considering … Continue reading

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In love with life: “Gloria” [2013 Chile]

“Gloria” is one more cinematic gem crafted in Chile this year that was written, directed, and co-produced by talented young film-maker Sebastián Lelio (also co-produced by Pablo Larrain).
The film is about its titular heroine Gloria (Paulina García), an independent … Continue reading

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Self-discovery, the trippy way: “Crystal Fairy” [2013 Chile]

Sebastián Silva’s English language feature “Crystal Fiary” [Full Title: Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, and 2012] is a character study of two American tourists in Chile with very different outlooks. I had seen only one other film from … Continue reading

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