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A 2013 Tribute to Italian Mainstream Cinema


For a country whose cinema has been the most written about in this site, it’s odd that there’s never been a tribute, and so I’ve finally managed to post one for Italian mainstream cinema.
The streaming version:

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Luisa Ranieri, Tiziana Buldini & Giulia Michelini in “Immaturi” [2011 Italy]

Paolo Genovese’s latest box-office hit “Immaturi” [Eng. Title: Immature] is a breezy feel-good comedy about a group of friends getting together after twenty years. The premise is however interesting – the batch they belonged to have to re-sit an … Continue reading

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Luisa Ranieri & Regina Nemni in “Eros” [2004 Italy]

I will start Michelangelo Antonioni’s filmography in the site with his final film. “Eros” is a compilation of three films made by different directors, exploring love and romance, as the title suggests.
While European cinema has produced extraordinary film makers over … Continue reading

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