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A leftover life to kill: “Eureka” [1983 United Kingdom, USA]

For a long time, it had been fashionable for critics to trash every Nicolas Roeg film made after “Bad Timing”. Thankfully, we now have a whole new generation that’s not only rediscovering his later films, but also reevaluating them … Continue reading

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The difference between looking and seeing: “Central Bazaar” [1976, United Kingdom]

Once in a while, it helps to digress from a topic under discussion, if only to return to it and refocus with a fresh ‘eye’. Since this site discusses what might essentially be seen as a voyeuristic pursuit, namely … Continue reading

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Victims of war – “In Tranzit” [2008 UK, Russia]

Tom Roberts made his feature film début with the post-war romantic drama “In Tranzit”, a UK-Russian co-production starring an international cast that included recognisable names such as John Malkovich, Thomas Kretschmann, and Vera Farmiga. The story is apparently based … Continue reading

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Life and friendship: “Career Girls” [1997 UK]

Mike Leigh’s deceptively titled “Career Girls” might lull you into believing it to be easy viewing, with a sweet and fairly simple mainstream plot, but this ridiculously overlooked film has more layers than your average puff pastry.
Granted, there are … Continue reading

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Obsession and guilt: “I Want You” [1998 UK]

Michael Winterbottom’s haunting melodrama “I Want You” is one more of his underrated works. For a British film set in coastal Kent and Sussex, it bears a distinctly continental flavour.
Having served eight years for murder and released on parole, … Continue reading

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