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A film review: “El Clan” [2015 Argentina]

Pablo Trapero’s films have always been gutsy and raw on the outside, with just the right amount of melancholy to reflect on the complexities of human nature within. His recent drama, “El Clan” [Eng. Title: The Clan] is loosely … Continue reading

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The right to live and love even within the jaws of justice – “Leonera” [2008 Argentina]

The 70’s and 80’s may have spawned and subsequently flogged to death an entire sub-genre of exploitative films called Women-in-prison dramas, but just when we thought there’s nothing more left to ‘explore’, comes Argentinian director Pablo Trapero’s Cannes-nominated drama, … Continue reading

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Seven fine directors, and “Seven Days of Havana” [2012 Spain, France]

“7 Días en La Habana” [Eng. Title: 7 Days in Havana] was one of my most anticipated films of the year, primarily because it contains segments from two of my favourite directors, Julio Medem and Gaspar Noé. And even … Continue reading

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Martina Gusman in “Elefante Blanco” [2012 Argentina]

Argentinian Pablo Trapero, among the more talented young directors working in Latin America today, is renowned for his originality, cinematic eye, and uncompromising film making. From what I’ve seen so far, his screenplay and depictions are gritty, his topics … Continue reading

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