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A brief review: “Ella” [2010 Peru]

It’s unfortunate that I had to start an important Latin American director’s filmography in the blog with a totally forgettable film – I’d wanted to review Francisco J. Lombardi’s most recent film “Ella” [Eng. Title: She] before getting into … Continue reading

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Scenes from “El Guachimán” [2011 Peru]

It is not often that we get to review films like this, but since Gastón Vizcarra’s low-brow comedy “El Guachimán” [The Watchman] isn’t particularly making waves anywhere else, it is perhaps reason enough to find out why.
Alejandrino Falopio (Guillermo … Continue reading

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Gianella Neyra in “Polvo Enamorado” [2003 Peru]

“Polvo Enamorado” appears to have been Peruvian director Luis Barrios’ only feature film. Since I haven’t seen any of his TV dramas, this film is my only point of comparison.
Natalia who had wanted to enter a convent is instead … Continue reading

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Elsa Pataky and others in “Máncora” BR720 [2008 Peru, Spain]

This is a rare re-review in this blog. Having recently re-watched Ricardo de Montreuil’s Peruvian drama, “Máncora”, I realise my earlier assessment was perhaps a bit harsh. And it is only fair that I give it a more balanced … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Nudity in Latin American Cinema

Another lighthearted tribute of sorts to some of the Spanish language films made in Latin America (excluding Brazil, naturally). With Latin America, it’s practically impossible to cover all my favourite films in just a single clip – there’s simply … Continue reading

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