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Scenes from Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blowup” [UK, USA, Italy 1966]

“Blowup” [also known as Blow-Up] was a turning point in the great Michelangelo Antonioni’s career. After a string of critically acclaimed Italian classics, he was offered the opportunity to work with MGM on three English language films – “Blowup” … Continue reading

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Scenes from “Al di là delle Nuvole” [1995 Italy, France, Germany]

“Al di là delle Nuvole” [Eng. Title: Beyond the Clouds] was Michelangelo Antonioni‘s final full-length feature, a personal film made from a short story collection penned by himself. By this time, the great man was partially paralysed after a … Continue reading

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Luisa Ranieri & Regina Nemni in “Eros” [2004 Italy]

I will start Michelangelo Antonioni’s filmography in the site with his final film. “Eros” is a compilation of three films made by different directors, exploring love and romance, as the title suggests.
While European cinema has produced extraordinary film makers over … Continue reading

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