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Futura X-tra bold – Gaspar Noé’s “LOVE” [2015 France, Belgium]


“My biggest dream in life is to make a movie that truly depicts sentimental sexuality. Why – why haven’t we seen this in cinema yet!”, exclaims Murphy. Having made his mark as an uncompromising filmmaker who worked on exceptionally … Continue reading

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Seven fine directors, and “Seven Days of Havana” [2012 Spain, France]

“7 Días en La Habana” [Eng. Title: 7 Days in Havana] was one of my most anticipated films of the year, primarily because it contains segments from two of my favourite directors, Julio Medem and Gaspar Noé. And even … Continue reading

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Monica Bellucci in Gaspar Noé’s “Irréversible” [2002 France]

Sometimes I feel watching Gaspar Noé films is akin to paying someone to get yourself slapped. That is certainly the case with the shocking drama “Irréversible” [Eng. Title: Irreversible]. To describe the film as provocative would indeed be an … Continue reading

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Scenes from Gaspar Noé’s “Seul Contre Tous” & “Carne” [1998, 1991 France]

Gaspar Noé made his first full-length feature, “Seul Contro Tous” [Eng. Trans: Alone Against All, Eng. Title: I Stand Alone] – a deeply affecting portrait of alienation and despair, as a continuation of the story of a down-on-luck and … Continue reading

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Paz de la Huerta and others in “Enter the Void” BR720 [2009, France, Germany, Italy]

Argentinian-born French director Gaspar Noé has made it his trademark to repulse his audience using both sound and light. His violent edits and special effects are meant to disorientate, and his camera angles and persistent flashing lights are not for … Continue reading

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