A brief review: “Vientos de la Habana” [Cuba, Spain 2016]

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Vientos de la Habana (2016)Félix Viscarret’s crime thriller, “Vientos de la Habana” [Eng. Title: Four Seasons in Havana: The Winds of Lent] is a feature-length spin-off of a TV mini series that was rather well received in Spain. Since I’ve neither seen the TV series nor read the novel from which the film’s adapted, this one’s
gonna be brief.

Vientos de la Habana (2016)Set in Havana, the film begins with the murder of young school teacher Lissete (Mariam Hernández) in her apartment, and the arrival of detective Mario Conde (Jorge Perugorría) to investigate. A post-mortem indicates the presence of drugs, alcohol, and semen in Lissete’s body. Conde sets out to piece together events leading up to the fateful night, which will reveal hitherto unknown facets of Lissete and her dealings with some of her colleagues and students.

Juana Acosta in "Vientos de la Habana" (2016)Running parallel to the above storyline is Conde’s own story. A recovering alcoholic, he meets Karina (Juana Acosta) – his neighbour’s daughter and a city-based lawyer, and falls in love. They date for a while but Conde wants to take their relationship to the next level. His circle of loyal old friends will help Conde in different ways on both his endeavours…

Vientos de la Habana (2016)Of late, I’d become addicted to Scandi and Belgian crime thrillers and felt the need for a ‘healthy’ change, and a passionate Latin crime thriller could just be the ticket. But the film cannot be called a traditional noire; yes there are elements of noire in it, but the plot is straightforward and the characters are far too well-rounded with barely any conflicts and rough edges. It can more honestly be described as a grey-noire. I did however love the cinematography and editing that authentically captures the sultry and faded-glory of Havana, and the casting was great too. Recommended Viewing!

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The Nudity: Mariam Hernández, Pilar Mayo, and Juana Acosta
Mariam Hernández who plays school teacher Lissete is nude or partially nude in most of her scenes in the apartment. A nude Pilar Mayo is briefly seen in the bed of a crime boss. As Lissete, an ageless Juana Acosta appears nude in at least three scenes in the company of veteran Cuban actor and protagonist Jorge Perugorría.

Mariam Hernández and Juana Acosta from the Cuban crime drama, "Vientos de la Habana" aka "Four Seasons of Havana: The Winds of Lent" (2016).

Mariam Hernández and Juana Acosta from the Cuban crime drama, “Vientos de la Habana”
aka “Four Seasons of Havana: The Winds of Lent” (2016).



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