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Scenes from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Fando y Lis” [1968 Mexico]

Any worthwhile discussion about nudity in cinema is simply incomplete without mention of a certain Alejandro Jodorowsky, mystic guru of the absurd – with a capital ‘A’..!
About the great man:
It’ll be a challenge to keep this brief, but I … Continue reading

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Alexandra Stewart & Cathryn Harrison in Louis Malle’s “Black Moon” [1975 France, W.Germany]

During the time when Nouvelle Vague was in full flow, there was a French director who wasn’t formally part of it, and yet explored cinema in his own unique way. Louis Malle started in film as a cameraman, and … Continue reading

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Theresa Russell & co in “Bad Timing” [1980 UK]

The 1980 film, “Bad Timing” is arguably the last masterpiece by the great Nicolas Roeg. He has of course made some fine films later, but none of them reach the heights set here, be it the characterisation, direction, or … Continue reading

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Theresa Russell in “Hotel Paradise” [1996 UK, Germany]

British director-cinematographer Nicolas Roeg had also worked in several US productions, but I’ll be focusing on his predominantly UK and European filmography for this blog.
Nicolas Roeg, in brief:
His was one of the most magnificent careers in British cinema, starting … Continue reading

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Irm Hermann & Ingrid Caven in “Der Händler der vier Jahreszeiten” [1971 W.Germany]

Going through Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s filmography, I find his 1971 melodrama, “Der Händler der vier Jahreszeiten” [Eng. Title: The Merchant of Four Seasons] a beautifully ‘designed’ piece of cinema, albeit a highly stylised one. You won’t find conventional realism … Continue reading

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