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It’s an insane world! “Tag der idioten” [1981, West Germany]

Werner Schroeter’s films are pretty much like the man himself, less talked about but theatrical and larger than life in person. Among his last films acknowledged as part of the Neuer Deutscher Film canon, “Tag der Idioten” [Eng. Title: Day of … Continue reading

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‘C’ for crime: “Der amerikanische Soldat” [1970 West Germany]

Mention “Der amerikanische Soldat” [Eng. Title: The American Soldier], and we’d be talking about early Fassbinder. For this was the period when Rainer Werner Fassbinder was experimenting with various genre in his own unique style that was still evolving, … Continue reading

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A brief review of Werner Schroeter’s “Nuit de chien” [2008 Germany, Portugal, France]

Werner Schroeter was an important director of the Neuer Deutscher Film (New German Cinema). He was also an influence on R W Fassbinder, who considered him an artistic equal. It is easy to see why – they both shared … Continue reading

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A Master’s début: “Liebe ist kälter als der Tod” [1969 W.Germany]

Rainer Werner Fassbinder made his feature-film début through the crime drama “Liebe ist kälter als der Tod” [Eng. Title: Love is Colder Than Death]. It’s an endearing ode to the French New Wave, Hollywood Film Noire, and Italian Spaghetti … Continue reading

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When honour is your only possession – “Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum” [W.Germany 1975]

– It’s Neuer Deutscher Film time..!
And I’ll start the filmography of Volker Schlöndorff – one of the important directors of New German Cinema, not with his Oscar-winning Die Blechtrommel (that comes later), but a slightly lesser known, but equally … Continue reading

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