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A complicated woman: Early Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot has just turned 80 today (28th September), and as a birthday tribute to one of the iconic film personalities of the twentieth century, I want to briefly highlight some of her early filmography that’s relevant to this … Continue reading

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The rebirth of classic-giallo: “Tulpa” [2012 Italy]

Pop-musician and film-maker Federico Zampaglione has succeeded in making a full-blooded giallo in the classic tradition of Fulci and Argento with his latest horror-thriller, “Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali” [Eng. Title: Tulpa] – it comes complete with the Fedora hat … Continue reading

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A life seen through the sands of time – “Casa de Areia” [2005 Brazil]

Andrucha Waddington is among some exciting young directors working in Brazil today, and his 2005 drama “Casa de Areia” [Eng. Title: The House of Sand], one of the most memorable Brazilian films I’ve seen to date. I was mesmerised … Continue reading

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The right to live and love even within the jaws of justice – “Leonera” [2008 Argentina]

The 70’s and 80’s may have spawned and subsequently flogged to death an entire sub-genre of exploitative films called Women-in-prison dramas, but just when we thought there’s nothing more left to ‘explore’, comes Argentinian director Pablo Trapero’s Cannes-nominated drama, … Continue reading

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Martina Gusman in “Elefante Blanco” [2012 Argentina]

Argentinian Pablo Trapero, among the more talented young directors working in Latin America today, is renowned for his originality, cinematic eye, and uncompromising film making. From what I’ve seen so far, his screenplay and depictions are gritty, his topics … Continue reading

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