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Morning Interim: “The Safe House” [2016 Portugal, UK]

João Paulo Simões’s anthology “The Morning Interim” is a series of experimental short films exploring ‘the darker side’ using a combination of abstract motifs and atmosphere. The first in this series, “The Safe House” pertains to a woman (Helena … Continue reading

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Scenes from “Reservedekk” BR1080 [2011 Norway]

Digressing slightly from full-length features, I’m kinda glad to have stumbled upon Kenny Wang’s wacky short film, “Reservedekk” [Eng. title: Spare Tyres]. It is billed as a horror film, but is probably better seen as an irreverent comedy.
A guy … Continue reading

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Theresa Russell in “Hotel Paradise” [1996 UK, Germany]

British director-cinematographer Nicolas Roeg had also worked in several US productions, but I’ll be focusing on his predominantly UK and European filmography for this blog.
Nicolas Roeg, in brief:
His was one of the most magnificent careers in British cinema, starting … Continue reading

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Scenes from Gaspar Noé’s “Seul Contre Tous” & “Carne” [1998, 1991 France]

Gaspar Noé made his first full-length feature, “Seul Contro Tous” [Eng. Trans: Alone Against All, Eng. Title: I Stand Alone] – a deeply affecting portrait of alienation and despair, as a continuation of the story of a down-on-luck and … Continue reading

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Renata Dancewicz in “Diabelska Edukacja” [1995 Poland, Germany]

My first Polish film in the blog, even if I had already introduced a Polish born director earlier, the incomparable Walerian Borowczyk.
Agreed, this isn’t actually mainstream, but it is a pretty well made segment from a DVD of erotic … Continue reading

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