Scenes from “Reservedekk” BR1080 [2011 Norway]

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Digressing slightly from full-length features, I’m kinda glad to have stumbled upon Kenny Wang’s wacky short film, “Reservedekk” [Eng. title: Spare Tyres]. It is billed as a horror film, but is probably better seen as an irreverent comedy.

A guy driving through the country had to stop by the road after a tyre lands a flat. It was apparently caused by a psychopath who’d laid a spike strip to snare drivers with number plates that are not local, approaching them later as a passing mechanic and offering to help fix their car. Before he turns up, our hero opens the boot to reveal a tied-up girl in place of the spare tyre. We’ll learn soon enough that they’re actually a couple, a maniacal one at that too, playing out one of their twisted fantasies. The psychopath will realise rather belatedly that the couple he tried to ensnare are psychopaths themselves. Oh well – all’s well that ends well, at least for the couple, I guess..!

The twenty minute film is experimental, original, cool, and also strangely sexy in places. The cinematography is actually pretty good with some awesome comic-strip style camera angles, even if the editing at times appear to have been rushed through. The special effects too are a work in progress. But I liked the crazy idea for the film anyway, and its groovy soundtrack. The actors don’t take themselves seriously and even the director casts himself as the ‘hero’.  Watch the film if you can – you could do a lot worse with twenty minutes of your life.



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