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A film review: “Le chant des mariées” [2008 France, Tunisia]

In her second film, “Le chant des mariées” [Eng. Title: The Wedding Song], writer-director Karin Albou elaborates on themes that she’d also explored earlier in her début feature (La petite Jérusalem) – about love, friendship, and the communal flux … Continue reading

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Where it burns: “Une flamme dans mon coeur” [1987 Switzerland, France]

Alain Tanner makes a concerted attempt at re-interpreting feminist ideals with his intense and controversial drama “Une flamme dans mon coeur” [Eng. Title: A Flame in My Heart]. However, over the film’s course, he drops the topic and reverts … Continue reading

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Finding will to live: “Une place sur la Terre” [2013 Belgium, France]

It seems ages since a French film was reviewed here..!
Fabienne Godet comes across as a seasoned observer of human psychology – her drama “Une place sur la Terre” [Eng. Title: A Place on Earth] explores with authority friendship and love … Continue reading

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Apogee of the French New Wave: “La maman et la putain” [1973 France]

Jean Eustache is not a name that’ll instantly pop up when you mention Nouvelle Vague Cinema, for he never got around to make enough of them, and also committed suicide aged forty two. Even the works he’d done – … Continue reading

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Some are not born to love, but to be loved: “À nos amours” [1983 France]

Maurice Pialat was a master at peeling away layers of human respectability in order to shed light on the vagaries of heart and mind. But unlike Michael Haneke or Ulrich Seidl – present day directors with a similar gift … Continue reading

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