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The culmination of a personal journey: “Les rendez-vous d’Anna” [1978 Belgium, France, Germany]

Chantal Akerman continues her semi-autobiographical journey as filmmaker that started with her ‘New York’ set of films, followed by Je, tu, il, elle, where she played the lead herself, to “Les rendez-vous d’Anna” [Eng. Title: The Meetings of Anna], with … Continue reading

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A brief review of Werner Schroeter’s “Nuit de chien” [2008 Germany, Portugal, France]

Werner Schroeter was an important director of the Neuer Deutscher Film (New German Cinema). He was also an influence on R W Fassbinder, who considered him an artistic equal. It is easy to see why – they both shared … Continue reading

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Love without memory, and baggage – “Novo” [2002 France, Spain]

Jean-Pierre Limosin appears initially to have stumbled upon something original in his romantic drama “Novo”, but I don’t think he’s successfully brought it to fruition. The film will rightly be remembered for featuring copious nudity from Eduardo Noriega and … Continue reading

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Marguerite Duras, and her film “Baxter, Vera Baxter” [1977 France]

To claim that Marguerite Duras is the director of some of the most demanding films I’d ever seen, would be an understatement. You will need patience, a reasonable intellect, and be fully tuned to the characters on-screen to truly … Continue reading

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Brisseau’s take on old-age and loneliness, “La fille de nulle part” [2012 France]

It appears Jean-Claude Brisseau is finally mellowing – his latest film “La fille de nulle part” [Eng. Title: The Girl from Nowhere] is surprisingly subdued, both in scope and budget, as he goes back to basics by even casting … Continue reading

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