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“Language, isn’t working!” – Adieu au langage [2014, France]

Jean-Luc Godard thinks so, among many other things as he usually does, in his latest cinematic dissection titled “Adieu au langage” [Eng. Title: Goodbye to Language]. If anyone thought the Nouvelle Vague was long dead, they certainly ought to … Continue reading

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Apogee of the French New Wave: “La maman et la putain” [1973 France]

Jean Eustache is not a name that’ll instantly pop up when you mention Nouvelle Vague Cinema, for he never got around to make enough of them, and also committed suicide aged forty two. Even the works he’d done – … Continue reading

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Lampooning pseudo-liberalism, “Une partie de plaisir” [1975 France]

In 1975, Claude Chabrol made two successive films that related to infidelity. The first of the two, “Une partie de plaisir” [Eng. Titles: A Piece of Pleasure, Pleasure Party], concerns Philippe – a pseudo-liberal, whose ego and controlling behaviour … Continue reading

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High art in a Parisian afternoon – Varda’s “Cléo de 5 à 7” [1962 France, Italy]

The French New Wave will be incomplete without the redoubtable Agnès Varda – in fact, critics even credit her earlier works as the forerunner of the Nouvelle Vague. Whatever the case, Varda’s magnificent 1962 masterpiece “Cléo de 5 à … Continue reading

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Taking us for a ride – Rivette’s “Céline et Julie vont en Bateau” [1974 France]

The headline might sound a bit disrespectful, but it is this film’s very virtue – and the ride, actually quite joyful. Jacques Rivette’s ingenius “Céline et Julie vont en Bateau” [Eng. Title: Celine and Julie go Boating] explores the … Continue reading

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