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Of daydreams and hidden desires – “Belle de Jour” [1967 France, Italy]

Let’s open the great Luis Buñuel’s filmography with one of his more recognisable works, “Belle de Jour”. His first film in colour is also regarded by many as among the best films of all time. Buñuel’s most commercially successful … Continue reading

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“Dillinger is Dead”, but Alienation, Never as Alive [1969 Italy]

Marco Ferreri, the beguiling and provocative anarchist of Italian cinema, is also one of the most original and philosophical film makers that his country has ever produced. He could be defined as a direct legacy to Italian Neorealism. While … Continue reading

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Reflections on Jacques Rivette’s “La Belle Noiseuse” [1991 France]

Jacques Rivette is one of the very few nouvelle vague directors who is impossible to pigeon-hole – he has consistently experimented with cinema using different genres, techniques, and narratives, embodying the true spirit of French New Wave itself.
At first … Continue reading

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Brigitte Bardot in Jean-Luc Godard’s “Le Mépris” BR720 [1963, France, Italy]

It’s Nouvelle Vague time..!
Jean-Luc Godard had wanted to do a film with Brigitte Bardot for a while, and when his first choice actress Kim Novak turned down the role for his new Franco-Italian production “Le Mépris” [Eng. Title: Contempt], … Continue reading

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