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It’s in the blood: “Sangue del mio sangue” [2015 Italy]

Marco Bellocchio returns with his kin to give us two hauntingly connected tales from different times in his drama “Sangue del mio Sangue” [Eng. Title: Blood of My Blood].
The first half of the film is set in a cloistered … Continue reading

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When can consensual sex become rape: “La condanna” [1991 Italy]

Marco Bellocchio throws the cat among the pigeons in his courtroom drama “La condanna” [Eng. Title: The Conviction] by pitting the legal interpretation of consensual sex against the dynamics of sexual politics.
“Does the female expect the male to take … Continue reading

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Letting sleeping beauties lie: “Bella Addormentata” [2012 Italy]

Veteran director Marco Bellocchio’s latest drama, “Bella Addormentata” [Eng. Title: Dormant Beauty] takes on the subject of euthanasia in a predominantly catholic Italy, by setting the film against a backdrop of real-life events in 2009, when the father of … Continue reading

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Béatrice Dalle bewitches in Bellocchio’s “La Visione del Sabba” [1988 Italy]

The nineteen eighties saw several important film makers experimenting with narrative styles – mostly by infusing poetic license into them – and Marco Bellocchio was part of the bandwagon. Because of his propensity to mix reality with fantasy, some … Continue reading

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Miou-Miou in “Marcia Trionfale” [1976 Italy, France]

Marco Bellocchio’s “Marcia Trionfale” [Eng. Trans: March of Triumph] is a scathing attack on the state of affairs of the Italian army, and the dehumanising effects of institutionalised indoctrination on its cadets from the moment they join the force … Continue reading

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