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Looking back with bitterness and nostalgia: “Quellen des Lebens” [2013 Germany]

It’s plain to see that director Oskar Roehler finds his late mother’s life story fascinating – his latest film “Quellen des Lebens” [Eng. Title: Sources of Life] is the third time I’d seen him draw characters inspired by his … Continue reading

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Roland Reber’s “Illusion” premieres at Sitges on Oct 12th 2013

Roland Reber’s latest WTP International film “Illusion” has been invited to screen at the renowned Sitges International Film Festival (11th – 20th October) held in Catalunya, Spain. The German festival premiere will be held slightly later at the HOF … Continue reading

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A brief review: “Frauensee” [2012 Germany]

Zoltan Paul’s neat little romantic drama “Frauensee” [aka Woman’s Lake] looks at a lesbian relationship against the idyllic backdrop of the Brandenburg lakes.
Commercial fisher Rosa (Nele Rosetz) and property developer Kirsten (Therese Hämer) have been lovers for over a … Continue reading

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A brief review of Werner Schroeter’s “Nuit de chien” [2008 Germany, Portugal, France]

Werner Schroeter was an important director of the Neuer Deutscher Film (New German Cinema). He was also an influence on R W Fassbinder, who considered him an artistic equal. It is easy to see why – they both shared … Continue reading

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Filmmaking, Women, Love – “Ins Blaue” [2012 Germany]

Veteran filmmaker Rudolf Thome’s “Ins Blaue” [Eng. Title: Into the Blue] is a tragicomedy on the making of a film, where a homage of sorts to the French New Wave and Godard (Le mépris) can not only be sensed … Continue reading

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