A brief review: “Frauensee” [2012 Germany]

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Zoltan Paul’s neat little romantic drama “Frauensee” [aka Woman’s Lake] looks at a lesbian relationship against the idyllic backdrop of the Brandenburg lakes.

Commercial fisher Rosa (Nele Rosetz) and property developer Kirsten (Therese Hämer) have been lovers for over a year. It is late summer, and a young couple – Evi (Lea Draeger) and Olivia (Constanze Waechter), turn up at the lakes for a camping holiday. Before long, they befriend Rosa. They’re invited to stay in Kirsten’s lakeside bungalow, because most of the area is a national park. But their arrival will also become a catalyst that shakes Rosa and Kirsten’s hitherto tranquil relationship. After seeing Evi and Olivia in a long-term relationship, Rosa starts to resent Kirsten’s unwillingness to take theirs beyond being mere lovers, and considers leaving. It is also not helped by Evi’s constant flirtation with Rosa that begins to threaten both the couple’s relationships. Whether they can reconcile their differences and carry on – only time will tell…

I was pleased to have picked up this film, because I wasn’t in a mood for something particularly deep, nor stupefyingly silly. The fact that it happens to be a lesbian drama is incidental – it could be any kind of couple in a similar situation, and the screenplay doesn’t delve into their sexual orientation beyond a particular point. The minimal cast perform reasonably well, and the entire film was apparently wrapped up in two weeks of intense shooting, a commendable feat – trust the Germans for their efficiency. The film resolutely avoids turning into an erotic drama, and the sex scenes are minimal and fleeting. But it is sexy – particularly the scenes which show Evi flirting with Rosa. This will make an ideal date film whether you’re straight or gay. Recommended Viewing..!

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The Nudity: Nele Rosetz, Therese Hämer, Lea Draeger, and Constanze Waechter
Rosa and Kirsten take up most of the nude-footage, and the younger girls are fleetingly nude only once. There is also a skinny-dipping scene which, while not in the same league as a Walkabout, is still worth watching, especially since it shows a mature woman (Therese Hämer) for a change.

Nele Rosetz, Therese Hämer, Lea Draeger, and Constanze Waechter nude in Frauensee aka Woman's Lake

All the four main actresses – Nele Rosetz, Therese Hämer, Lea Draeger, and Constanze Waechter, bare themselves to varying degrees in the lesbian romantic drama “Frauensee” aka “Woman’s Lake”.



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