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The rebirth of classic-giallo: “Tulpa” [2012 Italy]

Pop-musician and film-maker Federico Zampaglione has succeeded in making a full-blooded giallo in the classic tradition of Fulci and Argento with his latest horror-thriller, “Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali” [Eng. Title: Tulpa] – it comes complete with the Fedora hat … Continue reading

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Claudia Gerini and others in “Com’è bello far l’amore” [2012 Italy]

It is entirely possible that Fausto Brizzi’s comedy “Com’è bello far l’amore” [Eng. Title: Love is in the Air] was intended as a comic relief for Italians concerned with the Eurozone crisis. Whatever the case, at least the film … Continue reading

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Cécile Cassel & co in “Ex” [2009, Italy]

Many thanks for all your messages guys and its great to be back, rested and refreshed.
Fausto Brizzi is fast gaining a reputation in the romantic comedy genre. His themes may be pretty much mainstream stuff, and even if he’s … Continue reading

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Kseniya Rappoport in “La Sconosciuta” [2006 Italy]

It’s taken a while, but I’m so glad to have finally started the filmography of the great Giuseppe Tornatore here, one of the most poetic directors in cinema today. He doesn’t make too many film, but whatever he has … Continue reading

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Valeria Solarino & Claudia Gerini in “Viaggio Segreto” [2006 Italy]

Roberto Ando’s melodrama, “Viaggio Segreto” [Eng. Title: Secret Journey] attempts to achieve a lot. It’s ambitious in its scope but somehow fails to get there, and that’s mainly because the story isn’t fully developed. There is plenty of suspense, … Continue reading

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