Jannike Kruse in “En Ganske Snill Mann” [2010 Norway BR720]

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I’ve only recently started to explore the work of award winning Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland. His simple yet beautiful film, “En Ganske Snill Mann” [Eng. Title: A Somewhat Gentle Man] is an exceptionally well written and directed work. It’s great to see Scandinavian films retain their tradition of understated elegance despite a recent upsurge in action-oriented stuff from this part of the world.

This is a heart-warming drama of a middle-aged ex-convict trying what he could to settle into society after serving twelve years for murder. While the plot is not exactly new, the treatment, particularly the screenplay and characterisation is quite unique. You don’t have idealised characters here – these are way too common people, not particularly attractive either, which enable us to pay closer attention to their humanity. High in irony, awkward moments, and dry humour, the film doesn’t aim to say anything particularly deep apart from telling a story with heart and purpose. Special mention has to be made to Stellan Skarsgård who plays the protagonist Ulrik – a classy performance from a fine actor. This is a film you will never regret watching. Highly Recommended Viewing..!

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