Alejandra Grepi & co in “La Leyenda de la Doncella” [1994 Spain]

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Juan Pinzás’ fantasy thriller “La Leyenda de la Doncella” [Eng. Title: The Hornet] is set in a remote village in the Galician region of Spain, somewhere around the early part of the twentieth century when superstition was rife and village folk practised witchcraft, among other things.

The title alludes to dead people returning as hornets to their respective relatives’ homes. Along with human sacrifices and love potions, this is a bizarre tale of two poor families treated more or less as slaves by their landlord, and his eventual comeuppance. The story flows like a folk legend passed through generations, with tales within the tale, and containing portions that go into lurid detail. For me at least, this makes the story more authentic, a story shaped over time. It is a fascinating film nevertheless, decently made, barring the odd continuity error here and there. I remember paying a little fortune for this rare DVD a few years ago – now I don’t even see it advertised. If you can find it, Recommended Viewing.


The Nudity: Alejandra Grepi, Gloria Muñoz, Marcela Walerstein, and Anabel Alonso

Alejandra Grepi, Marcela Walerstein, and Anabel Alonso nude in La Leyenda da la Doncella

Alejandra Grepi and Marcela Walerstein make noteworthy nude appearances in the torrid fantasy drama, “La Leyenda da la Doncella”.



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