Jean-Claude Brisseau’s “Les Anges Exterminateurs” BR720 [2006 France]

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Jean-Claude Brisseau made this personal film “Les Anges Exterminateurs” [Eng. Title: The Exterminating Angels] as some kind of repost against charges and subsequent conviction he faced following his previous film, “Choses Secretes” – for apparently forcing two actresses auditioning for that film to masturbate on camera. Perhaps the women who placed the charges were peeved they didn’t land a part.

Whatever the case, we should be grateful to M. Brisseau for making this rather unique (if silly) film in this day and age. Some of you may of course be already familiar with these scenes and seen them in one form or another – these are cut from Blu-ray. The film itself is good to look at, but some scenes also outrageously mimic calendar poses from a bygone era, even in its choice of lighting and décor. Brisseau wants us (and the authorities) to clearly see what he’s shooting – that much is obvious.

Now for the story – film director François auditions some aspiring actresses for a new project he has in mind – capturing female orgasm in all its essence as it occurs. He goes through various auditions, and reviews them with his wife (?), finally choosing three to star in his project. Just as events in Brisseau’s case, he gets jailed, and his wife leaves him too. There is plenty of nudity and erotic situations, but those looking for some degree of sophistication in the erotic scenes will be disappointed, the pleasant exception being the restaurant scene. Add to this, all of the chosen actresses appear to fancy middle aged François for no discernible reason – well, hello M. Brisseau..!



Scene 1:
After François auditions Julie at a café, she agrees to do an audition of her masturbating, and also decides to throw in a particular trick for the camera with a ball. Julie is played by Lise Bellynck.

Lise Bellynck in Les Anges Exterminateurs

Lise Bellynck shows François her 'ball trick' in "Les Anges Exterminateurs".


Scene 2:
Possibly the most erotic scene in the film. François interviews the pretty but dangerously insecure Charlotte, played by Maroussia Dubreuil, and invites her for dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Julie joins them, at which point François asks Charlotte to take off her knickers and start masturbating there and then. Julie gives her a helping hand, and is noticed by an exasperated waitress serving them. They arrive at the hotel room and continue what they were doing, by leaving the door ajar.

Maroussia Dubreuil with Lise Bellynck in Les Anges Exterminateurs

Lise Bellynck joins Maroussia Dubreuil for some exhibitionist masturbation in "Les Anges Exterminateurs".


Scene 3:
This is an outrageous scene, much like a teenage boy’s wet dream. Stéphanie, the waitress from the restaurant seeks François and asks to be auditioned as well. He agrees and also invites Julie and Charlotte to come over to the hotel for some fun. The girls enthusiastically join in, and we get to see a full-blown lesbian threesome. And yes, the actresses are masturbating one another for real. Sexy Marie Allan plays waitress Stéphanie.

Marie Allan, Maroussia Dubreuil and Lise Bellynck in a threesome lesbian scene from Les Anges Exterminateurs

Waitress Marie Allan is joined by Maroussia Dubreuil & Lise Bellynck for a threesome from the film “Les Anges Exterminateurs”.


Scene 4:
When one of Charlotte’s tantrums during a film shoot gets out of hand, François auditions Céline for a possible replacement, she proves equal to the task. Céline is played by Apolline Louis.



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