Monique van de Ven in “Turks Fruit” [1973 Netherlands]

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Paul Verhoeven’s 1973 wild romance “Turks Fruit” [Eng. Title: Turkish Delight] is considered by many in his country as the best Dutch film ever. And since I’m not Dutch, who am I to argue. I do however agree that it is a beautiful film, full of energy and vigour, and surprisingly, filled with tenderness. Surprising because the protagonist is an impetuous young sculptor who’s initially portrayed as someone reckless and insincere. But as the film unfolds his past, we empathise and perhaps even excuse his excesses.

The film is a semi-autobiographical account of a sculptor-writer, upon whose novel by the same name this film is based. It tells the story of a passionate sculptor, Eric, his past life, and his present. The film is actually quite moving towards the end, but irreverent, sexy and funny all the way through. It is very well directed, shot, and edited, and the performances by all the main actors are top-notch The film was also nominated for an Oscar under Best Foreign Language Film category, and could have won if not for François Truffaut’s “La Nuit Américaine”.

The Nudity: Monique van de Ven and Rutger Haur
As for the nude scenes in the film, they are considered among the all-time classics. Monique van de Ven, who plays Eric’s wife Olga, is a sight to behold – films like these just don’t get made nowadays. I’ve cut these scenes from an excellent quality DVD, and believe these may probably be among the best samples you can find today. If you do like these scenes, you’ll definitely enjoy the full film, and should be well worth your investment. Needless to say, Highly Recommended Viewing..!

Monique van de Ven and Rutger Haur nude in Turks Fruit

Monique van de Ven and Rutger Haur pull out all the stops in this nude-fest of a film, “Turks Fruit” aka “Turkish Delight”.



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