Elizabeth Cervantes in “Oscura Seducción” [2011 Mexico]

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Walter Doehner’s 2011 drama, “Oscura Seducción” [Eng. Title: Dark Seduction] is about a woman embarking on a passionate fling with her much younger colleague, only to find she’s received much more than she bargained for. The film as a whole is just about average, let down by poor screenplay and performances from some of the main characters. But there are also some creditworthy aspects within the film, like the editing, cinematography and lighting. Doehner is generally a good director, and this isn’t a bad film either, but it is not up to the standard of his earlier film “La Habitación Azul”.

Laura is a cosmetic surgeon in whose successful practice young Gustavo had recently joined as an attendant. He wins her sympathy when he tells her about his need for this job to fund his medical studies. But Gustavo clearly wants more than that, and works on seducing his boss, and also succeeds rather easily – helped by the fact that Laura is single and sometimes lonely. He finds an excuse to move into her home, and promptly tries to take over her life. Laura gets fed up and asks him to leave. But she will realise that he’s not one who’s going to accept rejection that easily.



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