Scenes from “El Guachimán” [2011 Peru]

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It is not often that we get to review films like this, but since Gastón Vizcarra’s low-brow comedy “El Guachimán” [The Watchman] isn’t particularly making waves anywhere else, it is perhaps reason enough to find out why.

Alejandrino Falopio (Guillermo Castañeda) – not the sharpest tool in the shed, lands himself a job as a guard for a security firm, but that isn’t good enough to impress Laurita (Stephanie Orúe) – the girl he’s crazy about, and she’d started looking around for someone who could better provide for her needs. Desperate to get rich, fast, ‘Falopio’ makes off with one of the money bags during a collection-round, sparking a city-wide manhunt and frenzied TV reportage where he’s seen by locals as a hero. After Laurita spurns him yet again, he decides to spend the cash on a new set of wheels, expensive hotel suites, and prostitutes. One of them – Sol (Anahí de Cárdenas), discovers his identity and takes him to the cleaners after promising him a good time. The police catch up with Falopio, and Sol along with the stolen cash, but will notice that the spent money and retrieved loot don’t quite add up to the stolen amount…

I think the producers, probably rightly, felt a rags-to-riches plot with a few scantily clad ‘chicas’ and stale gags would be enough to woo a DVD-audience brought up on a diet of cheesy Hollywood trash-comedies. The stereotyping is so outrageous that no one but the deluded is likely to take it seriously – this is after all the kind of film that people won’t openly admit to watching, much less enjoying. Intended for those who secretly enjoyed a Harold and Kumar or an American Pie. DVD Link [NTSC]


The Nudity: Shirley Arica, Anahí de Cárdenas, and Génesis Tapia
Three scenes chronicling Falopio’s whore-soliciting escapades contain some unimaginative nudity; the first of these feature Peruvian model Shirley Arica as Laurita (not to be confused with the namesake he was in love with). The second is funny in that Sol (Anahí de Cárdenas) admonishes him for looking at her while having sex. The third is an interrupted session with Génesis Tapia.

Shirley Arica, Anahí de Cárdenas, and Génesis Tapia in El Guachimán

There’s a smattering of Latin nudity in the Peruvian trash-comedy “El Guachimán”, thanks to Anahí de Cárdenas, and models Shirley Arica, and Génesis Tapia.



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