A tribute to Nudity in Spanish Mainstream Cinema

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A lighthearted look at some of my favourite nude scenes in mainstream movies from Spain. This was made well over a year ago, and it was also my first ever project in Adobe Premiere. I hope it brings you a smile after watching it…

Download: 59.7 MB

Here’s a helpful guide to films from which the scenes for my compilation were taken, in their order of appearance:
  • Átame! – Pedro Almodovar
  • La Celestina – Gerardo Vera
  • Los amantes del Circulo Polar – Julio Medem
  • Dias Contados – Imanol Uribe
  • Jamón, Jamón – Bigas Luna
  • Lucia y el Sexo – Julio Medem
  • 800 Balas – Álex de la Iglesia
  • Canciones de amor en Lolita’s Club – Vicente Aranda
  • Animales Heridos – Ventura Pons
  • La Pasión Turca – Vicenta Aranda
  • Cet Obscur Objet du Désir – Luis Buñuel
  • Matador – Pedro Almodovar
  • Sindrome – Liberto Rabal
  • Caótica Ana – Julio Medem
  • Huevos de Oro – Bigas Luna
  • La Ardilla Roja – Julio Medem
  • Princesas – Fernando León de Aranoa
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6 Responses to A tribute to Nudity in Spanish Mainstream Cinema

  1. Pierre says:

    Hi Tr, very nice compilation.
    Who is the girl which has her nipples licked, at 2m10s ?
    Here is a screencap



  2. Pierre says:

    Thanks a lot 😉

  3. Mr.Bill says:

    Very nice work!

    Who is the bottomless woman dancing provocatively at 2:06?


  4. kaushik says:

    No words to praise your work…….. Just perfect and superb.
    Keep going………..Cheers

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