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Ángela Carrizosa Aparicio in “Karen Llora en un Bus” [2011 Colombia]

Gabriel Rojas Vera’s brilliant debut feature, “Karen Llora en un Bus” [Eng. Title: Karen Cries in a Bus] is a simple yet beautiful study of a modern woman making her choices in life. The film is set in Bogota, … Continue reading

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Scenes from “Satanás” [2007 Colombia, Mexico]

You’d be forgiven for assuming that any Latin American film titled “Satanás” must be a nunsploitation flick from a bygone age. As it turns out, this 2007 drama is a recreation of a shocking 1986 massacre in Colombia when … Continue reading

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Isabel Cristina Cadavidad & Linda Lucía Callejas in “Sin Tetas no Hay Paraiso” [2010 Colombia]

Colombian writer/director Gustavo Bolívar remade his earlier TV series “Sin Tetas no Hay Paraìso” [Eng. Trans: No Paradise Without Tits] for the big screen in 2010, and apparently it was still a huge success.
It chronicles the completely misguided life … Continue reading

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Martina García in “Rabia” [2009 Mexico, Colombia, Spain]

Sebastián Cordero’s 2009 film, “Rabia” [Eng. Title: Rage] is an unusual and original melodramatic thriller. At times it’s slow moving even by my own standards, but it is pretty well made, considering most of the film … Continue reading

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Cristina Umaña in “Malamor” [2003 Colombia]

Colombian director Jorge Echeverri’s 2003 drama, “Malamor” [Eng. Title: Bad Love] is one intensely freaky film. We use the expression “madly in love” casually these days – but this film literally depicts such a scenario.
Impressionable teenager Lisa disrupts her studies and … Continue reading

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