Cristina Umaña in “Malamor” [2003 Colombia]

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Colombian director Jorge Echeverri’s 2003 drama, “Malamor” [Eng. Title: Bad Love] is one intensely freaky film. We use the expression “madly in love” casually these days – but this film literally depicts such a scenario.

Impressionable teenager Lisa disrupts her studies and life as she falls in love with her mother’s lover. Coming from a broken home with an indifferent father and indulgent mother, Lisa sees a soulmate in her mother’s lover – who happpens to be a hard drug addict. This inevitably leads her into experimenting with drugs, and after an overdose ends up at the very hospital where her dad works. Her mother’s lover refuses Lisa’s advances for the sake of propriety, but harbours similar feelings towards her. Things get more complicated when she had to run away from home – after shooting her father. The cute Cirstina Umaña gives a fine performance as the hopelessly infatuated Lisa. Even though the film is decently cinematographed, the quality of the DVD transfer isn’t at its very best.


The Nudity: Cristina Umaña

Cristina Umaña nude in Malamor

Cristina Umaña appears nude in several scenes in the 2003 Colombian film, “Malamor”



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