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The wonder years – “Anni felici” [2013 Italy, France]

Directors like Daniele Luchetti thrive in delving into nostalgia, and his semi-autobiographical “Anni felici” [Eng. Title Those Happy Years] looks back at his family while growing up amidst the crazy 70’s art scene.
Guido (Kim Rossi Stuart) is a restless sculptor and … Continue reading

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Medieval business: “Goltzius and the Pelican Company” [2012 UK, Netherlands]

After Nigtwatching, Peter Greenaway pays his next homage to Dutch masters with “Goltzius and the Pelican Company” – a semi-biographical account from the life of sixteenth century engraver-printmaker Hendrik Goltzius, recalled ten years after his business trip to Italy … Continue reading

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A very brief review: “Detyam do 16…” [2010 Russia]

Andrei Kavun’s “Detyam do 16…” [Children below 16] is a romantic drama set in modern Russia. On this occasion, the review is going to be brief because the film is aimed at a local audience of a certain age, … Continue reading

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Art, for love: “I Ypografi” [2011 Greece]

Stelios Haralambopoulos’ romantic mystery-melodrama “I Ypografi” [Eng. Title: The Signature] is one of those hard-to-categorise films that’s also extremely difficult to write about without giving away the plot – the reason why this review is also going to be … Continue reading

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Life is a nightmare – “Sílení” [2005 Czech Rep, Slovakia]

Czech director Jan Svankmajer is renowned for his surreal films and fascinating stop-motion animations that some may find macabre. In his 2005 film, “Sílení” [Eng. Title: Lunacy], he opens the film in person and informs that we’re about to … Continue reading

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