A very brief review: “Detyam do 16…” [2010 Russia]

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Andrei Kavun’s “Detyam do 16…” [Children below 16] is a romantic drama set in modern Russia. On this occasion, the review is going to be brief because the film is aimed at a local audience of a certain age, and any analysis here will be bytes wasted.

Cyril (Dmitriy Kubasov) and Max (Pavel Priluchnyy) are close buddies and they hook up with Leia (Anna Starshenbaum) and Dasha (Lyanka Gryu) respectively. Only, Cyril had his eyes set on Dasha even before Max had met her – he was just too shy to ask her out. Max and Dasha get married and are unhappy – it turns out that Dasha too had secretly been in love with Cyril. They start an affair that Max will soon come to know. The couple get divorced, and Cyril dumps Leia to live with Dasha. After a few years Leia returns to Moscow as a successful designer, and Cyril starts having feelings for her again…

I’ve seen the plot in sixty nine other films – with better drama, if I might add. My only reason for watching this one is the delectable and wholesome Anna Starshenbaum, and in particular a nude scene involving lots of paint. It doesn’t disappoint, and neither do her other scenes since she’s a decent actress too. I can’t talk about the others, nor the film’s technical features – actually I can – they’re quite pedestrian.

The Nudity: Anna Starshenbaum, Dmitriy Kubasov, and Lyanka Gryu
Lovely Anna Starshenbaum appears nude in four scenes including the body painting one, in which Dmitry Kunasov also appears nude. Lyanka Gryu may well have used a body-double in the brief side nudity that we see in one of her sex scenes – the shot is cut before the camera could pan to her face.

Anna Starshenbaum, Dmitriy Kubasov, and Lyanka Gryu nude in Detyam do 16...

The delectable Anna Starshenbaum in one of her scenes with Dmitriy Kubasov in “Detyam do 16…”



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