Press Release on Roland Reber’s latest film, “The Truth of Lie”

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The new film, “Die Wahrheit der Lüge” [Eng. Title: The Truth of Lie] from WTP International will celebrate its German Premiere at the 45th Hof International Film Festival (25th-30th October 2011).

Its International Permiere will be at the 42nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, India (23rd November – 3rd December 2011)


WTP International's "The Truth of Lie"



  • The new film from WTP International (Director: Roland Reber), the psychodrama “The Truth of Lie”, has been invited to the 45th International Hof Filmfestival held from 25th-30th October 2011) and will celebrate its German Premiere.
  • The International Premiere will be at the renowned International Film Festival of India, Goa (IFFI) which will be held from 23rd Nov to 3rd Dec 2011.
  • The film later also attends the 9th Chennai International Film Festival, India held between the 14th and 22nd December 2011.

The new movie by Roland Reber, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the german film industry, is hard, merciless and true. As true as the lie allows.

A writer (Christoph Baumann) is holding two women captive (Marina Anna Eich, Julia Jaschke). He wants to make them experience their outer limits, lead them to the “top”. He tortures them in body and soul. However, his methods are not leading to the desired result. His publisher (Antje Nikola Mönning), a shady woman, is pushing him further and further. The torments are getting more and more bizarre. Rules are put in place – just to be immediately broken. It looks like a battle against time as a stopwatch continuously counts down towards zero. What will happen then?

The writer says, “Experiencing one’s outer limits is only possible once you are on the limit. But where is the boundary and who enforces it?”
Nothing seems to be as it appears.


WTP international GmbH has again produced this film without any subsidy, but with a lot of commitment from everyone involved.

The theatrical release is scheduled for April 2012.
More up-to-date information can be found at


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  1. Berserk says:

    woohoo, Mönning is so hot. glad to hear another flick is in the works. 😀

    • TR says:

      Mönning sure is hot, as is Eich, who by the look of things has one of the central roles (as ‘victim’) in the film. I’ll post their earlier film here soon.

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