Antonella Costa in “No Mires para Abajo” [2008, Argentina]

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Having revisited Eliseo Subiela’s “No Mires para Abajo” [Eng. Title: Don’t Look Down] – I’ve had this DVD for well over two years now – I’m no longer sure how to classify it. Yes, it has all the ingredients of a Subiela film – he’s preoccupied as usual with the esoteric, with metaphysical elements thrown in for good measure. But I couldn’t help wondering if the theme may be a bit outmoded and out of synch with life today – we’re after all not in the swinging sixties any more.

It is charming nevertheless, and has an innocence about it that’s endearing. The film however has nothing new to say, and acts to a large extent as one of those love-making manuals based on ancient texts. But it has some awesome scenes of Italian born actress Antonella Costa that is worth checking out – the only reason I’d recommend this film.

The film starts promisingly with an interesting quote from André Breton, “Whenever and wherever society deems life worthless, we must see through the eyes of Eros. In the fullness of time, it is up to Eros to restore the balance between life and death, which has been tipped in death’s favour.”

A young man who’d recently lost his dad is initiated in physical love by an older experienced woman. His journey of discovery is both pleasant and painful as he realises love cannot be possessed.

The cinematography, music and direction is of high standard, and the film engages its audience with Subiela’s customary pithy dialogues. This is not the best Subiela film you can see, but it is enjoyable nevertheless.

I however look forward to Subiela’s most recent film, “Rehén de Ilusiones” which, having watched only the trailer, looks quite promising. But for those interested in “No Mires para Abajo”, I’d recommened the NTSC release over the PAL version, for the quality of transfer. DVD Link



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