Maribel Verdú in “El Beso del Sueño” [1992 Spain]

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I’m glad to have finally kick-started the nude filmography of one of the exceptionally talented and beautiful actresses from Spain, Maribel Verdú, with one of her early films – writer-director Rafael Moreno Alba’s romantic thriller, “El Beso del Sueño” [Eng. Title: Dream Kiss, aka The Goodnight Kiss]. It is also an ideal film to see Sra. Verdú in the prime of her youth. It is not a film easily available in Europe, and mine happens to be a NTSC edition. Maribel Verdú is one of the finest actresses today, not that she wasn’t talented back then – I may have seen only three of her films prior to this film, but her charisma in all of them is just as alluring as ever. Even back then, she could do comedy, melancholy, serious roles, and also play the seductress with equal panache. She remains one of my favourite Spanish actresses, and I hope to discuss more about her in future posts.

We follow Salvatierra and Margot’s life independently until their paths cross during a train journey. Salvatierra is a alcoholic ex cop, now working on the other side of law with a banker named Delgado – helping launder money. Margot is a thief who plies her trade in luxury cabins of trains in order to fund her ailing father’s healthcare. When Delgado falls out with a ‘wanted’ associate travelling to Belgium with a horde of cash, Salvatierra is ordered to follow and inform him to authorities while crossing the border – Salvatierra will be paid through the reward money offered for his capture. But during the journey, the associate’s luxury watch and smart suit catch the attention of Margot, working on the train that day. She drugs him during their ‘train date’ and runs off with all the money. When Salvatierra realises that his target has been robbed, he knows who it could have been – he’d been watching Margot flirting with the man all evening – and decides to follow her. He uses an excuse to get himself acquainted with Margot, and after deceiving her, even manages to retrieve the money. But he also gets more than he bargained for – when he falls head-over-heels in love…

Granted – this isn’t the cleverest of thrillers – I wouldn’t have otherwise thrown so many spoilers away – but this film has its other reasons for buying – mainly senorita Maribel Verdú, and because of that alone, is Recommended Viewing..! DVD Link

The Nudity: Maribel Verdú
At least seven scenes feature the delightful Maribel Verdú in the nude. Of these, the early ones are of her seducing victims, before her character falls in love with fellow-crook Salvatierra – reason enough to also include steamy sex sessions between them.

Maribel Verdú nude in El Beso del Sueño

A young and alluring Maribel Verdú in the 1992 romantic thriller, “El Beso del Sueño”.



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