Never too late to rebuild a family – “Pogoda na jutro” [2003 Poland]

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Jerzy Stuhr directs and also plays the lead in the mainstream Polish comedy, “Pogoda na jutro” [Eng. Title: Tomorrow’s Weather].

Peace and happiness as Jozef has known for seventeen years comes to an end when he’s chucked out of the seminary he’d been interned in. He’s found to still have a wife and children – and must now re-enter society to fulfil his familial duties. He is collected by wife Renata (Malgorzata Zajaczkowska), whose initial confrontation with the head priest had led to the discovery of Jozef’s ‘secret’ family. She offers to house him for a while out of pity rather than love – she’s after all living with a rich boyfriend now. Jozef understands that it would have been unreasonable to expect Renata to keep waiting for him while there were mouths to be fed. The three children have grown into young adults now – son Marcin (Maciej Stuhr) is the cynical campaign manager for a crooked politician, Kinga (Roma Gasiorowska) is rudderless – hanging around with a drug-pushing boyfriend, and Ola (Barbara Kaluzna) – the only one who truly missed dad after he left home, is now starring in a reality show where she lives and does everything else, including having sex with a lucky suitor from a transparent room and in public view, which is also telecast live on television. This is as dysfunctional as families could get, and Jozef finds it hard to stand by and let the family go potty…

It is an entertaining, adequately performed, and well produced comedy that will please most audiences. It is a mild mannered satire on the changing face of Poland since the fall of communism – while many things may have changed, some attitudes apparently remain the same, and the film is Jerzy Stuhr’s way of gently poking fun at his fellow countrymen. Recommended Viewing..!

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The Nudity: Barbara Kaluzna
There are two scenes where Barbara Kaluzna appears nude, and in public too – playing Ola aka ‘Klaudia’ who performs in a reality show. Jozef had been advised not to go and see her at work, but he couldn’t ignore what his daughter does, and gets into the set along with the ogling audience. His discomfort is understandable, as he could do nothing while the crowd cast aspersions on Ola’s character…

Barbara Kaluzna nude in Pogoda na jutro

Barbara Kaluzna, playing the character Ola aka Klaudia, appears nude in Jerzy Stuhr’s satirical Polish comedy “Pogoda na jutro”.



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