Discovering oneself during a round trip – “Viaje Redondo” [2009 Mexico]

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Gerardo Tort’s drama “Viaje Redondo” [Eng. Title: Round Trip] is another good looking ‘road movie’ from Mexico. I knew nothing about the film nor the director before I got to watch, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Two young women set off on separate journeys – Lucía, travelling by bus wants to make a fresh start far away from her native town, while Fernanda is driving on her own – she’s about to be married in a few days but is now not sure if her present fiancé is the right one. They bump into each other at a service station while queueing for the toilet, and they end up arguing when Fernanda believes her wallet had been stolen. Soon Lucía finds herself stranded when her bus leaves without her, and an apologetic Fernanda (after realising she’d left the wallet in the car) offers to give Lucía a lift, since the next bus is not due for a while. Little did they know that they’ll end up together for days, in the middle of nowhere after Fernanda’s car breaks down. The girls are from contrasting backgrounds – Fernanda is wealthy, independent, into new-age stuff, and has choices in her life, where as hairdresser Lucía comes from an impoverished background with limited options, in addition to being a single mum. But circumstances force them to get along with each another, and appreciate the other even if neither would want to swap places.

This is a simple film, well written, decently directed, and ably performed by the two main actresses. The key to the film clicking is the on-screen chemistry between Teresa Ruiz and Cassandra Ciangherotti who play Lucía and Fernanda respectively. The film’s soundtrack is also quite pleasant with its choice of Cumbia tracks. It is altogether an enjoyable film, and therefore, Recommended Viewing!

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The Nudity: Cassandra Ciangherotti and Teresa Ruiz
There are two scenes of nudity; the second is the longest, involving Cassandra Ciangherotti and Teresa Ruiz – both cute actresses, playing Fernanda and Lucía respectively.

Cassandra Ciangherotti and Teresa Ruiz in Viajo Redondo

Cassandra Ciangherotti and Teresa Ruiz star and also appear nude in some scenes from the Mexican road movie “Viaje Redondo” aka “Round Trip”.



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