Katherine Porto in “El Jefe” [2011, Colombia, Argentina]

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Jaime Escallon-Buraglia’s feature film debut “El Jefe” la película [Eng. Title: The Boss] is a dark comedy about a HR Manager going through mid-life crisis. While the film is mildly entertaining, it is also merely treading down a path well-worn by more illustrious names. Buraglia had tried to keep it ‘family-friendly’ by sticking to established commercial film norms. It is overall a pretty average film that couldn’t have looked out of place even 30 years ago – if you catch my drift.

Ricardo Osario is one disgruntled and despicable man – he hates his job, his co-workers, his family chores, and is desperately seeking excitement. When he’s told off by his wife for bringing home the wrong milk for the baby, he heads back in pouring rain to get it exchanged. His wife’s close friend Ángela who’d come visiting jumps into his car for a lift, and lo and behold, they end up in bed at a motel. The more he compares the already married Ángela to his wife, the more he falls for her, and they embark on a full-blown affair, to the extent that they even decide to elope. But things obviously don’t go according to plan, and Ricardo also gets caught in office intrigue, as scheming employees try desperately to put him on the dock. The film features some brief scenes of nudity from Katherine Porto who plays mistress Ángela.

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