Valeria Solarino in “Italians” [2009, Italy]

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I am posting Giovanni Veronesi’s breezy comedy “Italians” not so much for its nudity – there’s only very brief nudity at the start of the film, that too during the opening credits.

But it is an heart-warming film that’s also beautifully shot, especially the first segment which is like a little road movie across the Arabian desert. Fortunato is a truck driver transporting stolen Ferraris with fake documents to Dubai, and he takes Marcello with him as an apprentice – as Fortunato would like to retire. Marcello learns to appreciate Fortunato and the local people along the way, but towards the end we find out that Marcello had been hiding his identity.

In the second segment we follow Giulio, a successful dentist on a trip to Moscow to attend a conference. Goaded by his colleague he agrees to rendezvous with an Italian pimp, who could apparently show Giulio a good time during his stay. But things don’t go according to plan as Giulio gets unwittingly embroiled in the pimp’s affairs. He however gets to know Vera, his interpreter, played by the lovely Ksenia Rappoport who comes to his rescue, and falls in love with the country he so despised earlier.

The film is entertaining and includes big stars in its line-up. Though it is not award-winning material, it is definitely Recommended Viewing. DVD Link



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