Valeria Solarino & Isabella Ragonese in “Viola di Mare” [2009 Italy]

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Donatella Maiorca has constructed a beautiful love story in her 2009 drama, “Viola di Mare” [Eng. Title: The Sea Purple]. Apparently inspired by a true story, the film is set in late 19th century Sicily, where childhood friends-turned-lovers Angela and Sara face insurmountable resistance within their conservative community.

When Angela is betrothed to a local lad without her approval, she declares to her father her love for Sara. The angry father punishes by locking her in the cellar for several weeks until the mother finally intervenes. Since he always wanted a boy, she suggests turning Angela into a man – the vicar of the village after all owes them a favour – his earlier affair with Angela’s aunt had resulted in an abortion. So we have this bizarre scenario where the people in the village are forced to accept Angela as ‘Angelo’ forthwith, with the excuse that the vicar made a mistake while christening her as a child. During the early minutes of the film, I wondered if this was going to be another one of those mushy lesbian melodramas, but it actually is a beautiful film, with a strong storyline and sensitive portrayal  of the main characters. I started as a cynic, but am so glad to have been proved wrong.

The gorgeous Valeria Solarino plays Angela (Angelo), and the beautiful-as-ever Isabella Ragonese plays Sara. I especially loved the seduction and courting scenes in the film. Recommended Viewing!

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The Nudity: Valeria Solarino and Isabella Ragonese

Valeria Solarino with Isabella Ragonese in Viola di Mare

Gorgeous Valeria Solarino & Beautiful Isabella Ragonese shine in the 2009 film, “Viola di Mare”.

Valeria Solarino and Isabella Ragonese in Viola_di_Mare

Some more interesting scenes of Valeria Solarino and Isabella Ragonese – beautifully done.



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