Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “I Racconti di Canterbury” BR720 [1972 Italy]

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Peir Paolo Pasolini is one of the finest, original, and well read filmmakers Italy had produced, and it is a great tragedy that his life was cut short as abruptly as it did. He is however rather unfairly remembered by many only for his last film, the notorious “Salò o le 120 Giornate di Sodoma” (1975), while in fact his critically acclaimed gems such as “Teorema” (1968), “Edipo Re” (1967), “Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo” (1964) barely draw a mention. I could easily write more about what I have observed of his genius, but that would be a different topic altogether.

“I Racconti di Canterbury” [Eng. Title: Canterbury Tales] is the second installment of his Trilogy of Life, and is based on the works of the medieval English scholar Geoffrey Chaucer. Mr. Pasolini himself plays the role of Chaucer, writing these tales. This, and the first film in this trilogy , “Il Decameron” are perhaps his more accessible films for those needing an introduction to his work. I had reviewed this film earlier elsewhere, but have decided to review this again for the blog.



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