Alessandra Muccioli in “Ce n’è per Tutti” [2009 Italy]

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Luciano Melchionna had chosen an unusual subject for his comedy, “Ce n’è per Tutti” [Eng. Title: We All Get Our Share]. Unusual because it is essentially about a young man who finds life pointless and decides to die. Despite its macabre subject, it is actually a hilarious comedy with excellent characterisation, well written and executed.

One night Gianluca scales the walls of the Colosseum unnoticed – by daybreak he’s perched at the top looking down on passers by with calm indifference. He had decided to jump off the landmark in broad view. Indeed he gets the whole nation’s attention as a TV show telecasts this live – they also track down his family and try to get an interview and appeal. The reasons for Gianluca’s regrettable choice is not presented formally – it is left for us viewers to deduce from snippets of his life through flashbacks from various friends and acquaintances as they head toward the Colosseum to try and dissuade him. His grandmother (played by Stefania Sandrelli) gets there first, managing to slip through the security cordon to sit next to him. She’s also the one Gianluca feels closest to among all the family. They have a picnic there and talk about the past – and a clear picture of his parents and childhood emerges. While outwardly there’s nothing unusual about his circumstances – his upbringing, friends or environment, we begin to pick little clues for his decision as the film progresses.

This is an intelligent film dealing with life and society in general, and presented with a refined sense of humour. The film is very well directed, the cinematography and editing is top notch, and I also loved the eclectic soundtrack. All main actors give a decent enough performance and there’s really nothing negative I could say about this film. The disappointing IMDB ratings bely its quality and it deserves a far better reputation. The DVD extras come with an engaging ‘Making of’ (they can sometimes be boring but I’d recommend everyone to watch this one). Needless to say, Recommended Viewing..! DVD Link

There’s only one instance of nudity in the film – a post-coital scene between ‘cougar’ Claudia, a has-been b-grade actress who still dreams of being ‘discovered’, and her one-night conquest. She’s woken up by her friend Daniele to be told Gianluca is about to jump off the Colosseum – he’s a friend of both and occasional lover of Claudia. She listens in disbelief and goes back to her toy for the night. Towards the end we see Claudia asking her pushy “neanderthal” friend to go and make the coffee by himself. Claudia is played by Alessandra Muccioli.



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