Maren Eggert & Andrea Sawatzki in “Das Experiment” [BR720 2001 Germany]

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Oliver Hirschbiegel’s 2001 thriller, “Das Experiment” [Eng. Title: The Experiment], is apparently based on something similar that happened in 1971. The film is stylishly made, with snappy editing and great dinematography – it is not a bad film, but it has nothing particularly original or profound to say.

The lead actors, particulalry Moritz Bleibtreu is always enjoyable to watch, and to a large extent the film works because of him. Taxi driver Tarek – well, a journalist-turned taxi driver Tarek decides to enrol in an experiment for some quick cash – spending two weeks in a confined environment. The participants will be split into two groups – one, the captives, and the other, the guards. Tarek finds himself among the captives, and find the dynamics keep changing for the worse every day, and he’s being particularly targeted by the guards. His anxious girlfriend Dora tries to get him out, but when the prison guards hijack the whole experiment after imprisoning the scientists themselves, it becomes more difficult. Sweet Maren Eggert plays Dora, and Andrea Sawatzki plays Jutta Grimm, one of the scientists in charge of the ‘experiment’. The below scenes were cut from Blu-Ray.


Scene 1:
Some scenes of Dora – brief nudity, but Maren Eggert is very nice..!

Maren Eggert in Das Experiment

Scenes of Maren Eggert in the 2001 film, "Das Experiment".


Scene 2:
Scientist Jutta is alarmed to find the guards have taken over the whole building and set their own agenda, and she’s taken captive too. A guard asks her to strip naked, but is stopped from going all the way by his leader. Later he tries again, by entering Jutta’s cell. Veteran actress Andrea Sawatzki is definitely still worth watching.

Andrea Sawatzki in Das Experiment

Andrea Sawatzki is the scientist in distress in the 2001 film, "Das Experiment".



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