A tribute to Emmanuelle Béart

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Autumn’s already flooding-in after a rather indifferent English summer. Here’s something to hopefully cheer things up a bit – a video tribute to prolific actress and one of the most recognisable faces from France, the beautiful and talented Emmanuelle Béart.

Emmanuelle Beart - a thirstyrabbit Tribute

One couldn’t fit in Ms. Béart’s entire filmography in a tribute for very obvious reasons, but at least some of the ones used are memorable, it covers a decent span of her career.

Here’s a little guide to films and their directors from which the scenes were taken:
  • Ça commence par la fin – (husband) Michaël Cohen
  • La Répétition – Catherine Corsini
  • Les Égarés – André Téchiné
  • Histoire de Marie et Julien – Jacques Rivette
  • Manon des Sources – Claude Berri
  • La Belle Noiseuse – Jacques Rivette

The Soundtrack is one I’d fallen in love with ever since I saw the François Truffaut classic “Jules et Jim” some twenty years ago. Legendary Jeanne Moreau herself sang the utterly charming “Le tourbillon de la vie”, which by the way also encapsulates that entire film. Odd choice, perhaps, but what better way to serenade a gorgeous and talented actress than by another exemplary actress. Inspired me nevertheless… 🙂

Download Links:
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3
(unpack with Winrar)


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7 Responses to A tribute to Emmanuelle Béart

  1. WillESat says:

    My favorite compilation, yet!

  2. hoochimama says:

    One of the most sensual french actresses, thank you.

  3. muratturatci says:

    Simply beautiful. Thanks.

  4. roland says:

    Emmanuelle Béart is luminous on screen. Her face conveys impactful emotional reactions which draw one into the world her acting is creating. You captured her.

    • TR says:

      Thank you – but thanks should largely be due to Bruno Nuytten (the cinematographer behind Claude Berri’s Manon des sources) who managed to capture Ms. Béart at her expressive and beautiful best, and whose shots I’ve liberally sprinkled throughout the compilation. I couldn’t think of any other film maker who’d managed it better (and please, let no one mention the name ‘David Hamilton’ – cuz he ain’t really a film maker).

  5. Alfredo says:

    Muchas gracias por este valioso aporte.

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