A Tribute to Annamaria Clementi

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As blog regulars must know by now, Annamaria Clementi is one of my favourite Italian beauties. Not very well known outside her country, she surely deserves to be in the all-time list of Italian bombshells. It didn’t help that she hasn’t had the chance to work in any of the better Italian films. Besides, very few of even the ones she worked in have ever been digitally remastered. It is depressing to imagine these negatives gathering dust, or worse still, being destroyed.

So here’s a fitting tribute to ‘la donna bellissima e sexy italiana (e amica)’ – Annamaria Clementi, made from her films featured in the blog so far The soundtrack is a great song from one of my favourite Italian singer-composers, Patty Pravo. I hope you guys enjoy the tribute as much as the music.

By the way, Ms. Clementi was also the first person to see this tribute, after I sent her a personal copy. It was gracious of her to have not only acknowledged the DVD, but also informing me how much she enjoyed it. Since she doesn’t act these days – she mainly works in the casting and make-up department – this sure must have brought back some (hopefully fond) memories. I can also tell with reasonable certainty that Annamaria Clementi has aged rather magnificently – I will post some pictures upon her approval.

Annamaria Clementi – a tribute

A Tribute to Annamaria Clementi

Download Video Tribute


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5 Responses to A Tribute to Annamaria Clementi

  1. AB says:

    Excellent! So are you in touch with her? Can’t wait to see the recent pictures.

  2. AB says:

    I have to admit I’m not too into astrology, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy that nonetheless. 🙂 Thanks for this.

  3. Y So Serious says:

    I Can’t believe you got to correspond with her. I’m sure 20, 30,40 or 50 she still looks great! I a sucker for a mature woman.I hope you able to post her recents photos or link. Email them to me if you can.

    Y So Serious says, that would be great.

    • TR says:

      Indeed I correspond with some actresses and even directors listed in the site. I will remember to request some photographs if I don’t meet her first. 🙂

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