A Tribute to Valeria Marini in “Bambola”

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Valeria Marini

I simply couldn’t resist making this tribute after re-watching this film..!

This is a compilation of some of the scenes of the very, very ‘feminine’ Valeria Marini from the 1996 Bigas Luna film, “Bambola”. I used the film’s original theme song for the music, and it was by one of my favourite Italian singers, Patty Pravo. It is an awesome track, and I hope you guys enjoy this tribute as much as you would, the music..!




Download: 53.4 MB




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6 Responses to A Tribute to Valeria Marini in “Bambola”

  1. bobbobs says:

    Very, Very nice – thanks


  2. Rei says:

    I am very pleased to learn about your work on making tribute summary videos of different European Films and I do find it really appreciable.
    I really want to watch others clip you made but unluckily there is a block of usage for fileserve in place where I stay. Would it be possible for you to provide another links to us?

    • TR says:

      Thank you Rei.
      Actually the tribute videos are also hosted in Rapidshare, I’d just forgotten to add them. I’m updating them now. Hope your ISP hasn’t blocked Rapidshare as well. If there are any other hosts you recommend for the tribute videos, mention it here and I’ll try to get them up there as well.

  3. Rei says:

    Thank You. Rapidshare is OK for me.
    I live in HK and you know Guys in China always make the host exhausted.
    The host always ban the whole district instead of single one.
    Besides, Mediafire is also quite good.

  4. zakios19 says:

    merci pour le film its very cool

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