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Unfinished business after love – “El Pasado” [2007 Argentina, Brazil]

After some brilliant and ground-breaking films like Pixote and Carandiru, acclaimed Argentinian-Brazilian director Hector Babenco made “El pasado” [Eng. Title: the Past] – a low-key drama focusing on the aftermath of a couple’s relationship.
Sofia (Analía Couceyro) and Rimini (Gael … Continue reading

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Mariana Anghileri in “Aballay, el Hombre sin Miedo” [2010 Argentina, Spain]

Fernando Spiner’s drama, “Aballay, el Hombre sin Miedo” [Eng. Title: Aballay, the Man without Fear] is a western, Argentinian style. It is no doubt inspired by films from Spaghetti-western greats such as Sergio Leone in terms of cinematography, editing, … Continue reading

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